The word ” ALLERGY ” is now well known to each and every person in the world. Whether children or young or adult or aged , this allergy is widespread to all age bars , across the globe.

All sorts of medicines are used to treat allergy like allopathy , nathropathy , yoga , homeopathy , alternate healing etc , but results are limited . It has to be understood , whats the root cause of allergy & the symptoms of surfacing . Always the treatments should be on this basis.

But people generally go for the short cut methods to eradicate allergy .Basically is caused by two ways , air and food.

Air is the medium where majority of the cause of allergy and food is the secondary medium . All the pollution , dust , allergens , etc Sometimes there flow through the air , passes through our respiratory track , and causes a allergic reaction . Even some food like chocolates , spices, oily contents in food.

Sometimes it seems to have both the combination of both air and food medium , which further becomes more complicated to treat. This causes allergic reactions resulting to respiratory problems , like hay fever , asthma , bronchitis etc and other problems like etching , swellings, etc.

Its always said that prevention is better than cure.

Now here comes the First Step:–Prevention

1. Identify your medium if air or food , or combination .

2. If air is the medium , then wear a mask on you face to cover nose. Avoid to move
in dusty , polluted areas .

3. If food is the medium , then avoid the intake of that food or contents . Have light
& vegetarian food .

4. If the medium is both air & food , then both mask & food intake has to be taken
care . This is very tough and life becomes very hard and boring.

5. Keep your home neat and clean, Vacuum your carpet regularly (if you have) specially if you have pet in your home.


The Second Step : Medicines

1. Homeopathy is the best medicine , since its based on the individual personality instead of symptoms . Though the results are slow , but goes to the roots. Also it can be taken by all the age group of people . There is no side effect as in the case of allopathy .

2. Ayurveda is also good medicine , but its a bit difficult since , lots of care in the routine and food has to be taken . Also the timing is also important , which cannot be adhered . There is no side effect as in case of allopathy .

3. Yoga is a area which is very effective for allergies caused due to air medium . Some of the yogic pranayams are , anulom vilom , bhastrica , kapal bhati etc are very effective. These are physical yogic practices which are easy to do .

4. Meditation is the best way to eradicate the allergy problems . Since the allergy is a mental problem surfacing on the physical level , calmness of mind and purification is required . Special meditations taught in Kriya yoga . This is also very easy to learn , and has lots more other benefits.

5. In the alternative medicines , reiki and pranic healing is very effective . Both of these techniques works on the energy level of body , eradicating the symptom slowly from the body and mind.

6. Even the scalar energy products are very effective for all kinds of allergy problems , since the scalar energy makes the necessary changes in the aura body of the patient . There is no risk or side effects as in case of allopathy medicines .

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